Do Indian doctors agree with PM Modi?

PM Narendra Modi’s hint towards a legal framework to make doctors prescribe generic drugs and the subsequent notice by MCI enforcing the same has sent medical community in the throes of a debate. While physicians understand it is a step towards lowering the cost of drugs, it’s effect on the quality of medicine dispensed is unavoidable. To understand more about the situation, Curofy- India’s largest community of verified doctors conducted a poll asking their opinions on generic drugs.

Of the total 5,673 doctors who participated in the poll, an astounding 73 percent are against such a decision. It’s not surprising to see that a large percentage of healthcare professionals are not supporting one of the landmark decisions that could affect patient health adversely. On further breakdown, some interesting trends came out across state, cities, and specialties.

Doctors from across tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities expressed disagreement with the decision uniformly. They expressed a wide array of concerns ranging from the quality of the generics to the educational qualification of the chemist who will now be the decision maker.

Although doctors from all across the country are against this decision, some states had a more stronger opposition towards the decision than others. Few of those states are:

Assam: 89% (91)
Jharkhand: 86% (191)
Kerela: 81% (110)

As expected, super specialists are more against this decision than General physicians. More Gynecologists, Pulmonologists, and Intensivist disapprove of this ruling than other specialties. The breakup is as below:

Obstetrics and Gynecologists: 89% (194)
Pulmonologists: 93% (81)
Intensivist (Internal Medicine): 89% (311)

The poll received comments from more than 1000 doctors across specialties and geographies.Doctors were rightly concerned about the quality of drugs dispensed. As one doctor stated :

“Can government guarantee the quality of drugs available in the market? ”
Another doctor commented,

” Who will take the responsibility of quality of drugs? The government, chemist or pharmacist? Will the patient not come to the doctor but go to the pharmacist if the drug is ineffective?”
Commenting on the poll, Mr. Mudit Vijayvergiya, co-founder Curofy said, ” Doctors are concerned about prescribing generic medicine and rightly so. It will give power to chemists and pharmacists for dispensing medicine and might deteriorate the already fragile trust between doctors and patients. The government needs a more wholistic plan that considers all aspects of healthcare in India before implementing such an impactful decision.

What do you think about this decision? Do you agree or disagree ? Comment below.

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