Market Research


Through Curofy, market research is now simple with highly efficient turn around times. You can now launch a survey within 24 hours and get a detailed report within 5-7 days.

Curofy’s modern approach to market research is more accessible than ever, making it easier to reach consumers directly and take the pulse of their opinions. All healthcare brands can now fuel their growth through quick and effective online polls and surveys

What we can do for you:

-Measure brand penetration and advocacy

-Brand maps – your brand’s position and preference across different specialties/geographies

-Word clouds – your brand’s profiling data and word associations with your target customers

-Any simple survey/poll that you would like to launch for your brand.

Market research is now longer limited to focus groups, extensive on-ground research, and phone call surveys.  Seeking your customer’s opinion no longer requires months of planning and waiting for results.  Click below to get started now !