Therapy Area Reports

Curofy’s pulse is the only social media listening & analytics tool that has been specifically developed for targeted HCP (doctor) insights across all specialties. Curofy’s Pulse offers the highest semantic and sentiment accuracy on the market today. Social listening can help you monitor what is being said about your brand, as well as the competition, and identify who your influencers are. Social listening can help your organization:

  • Accurately evaluate patient journeys (understand which treatment and diagnosis is being preferred for different symptoms and much more)
  • Analyze hot conversation topics (learn which molecules/brands are popular)
  • Discover market gaps
  • Benchmark your share of voice with competitors

With more than 1,00,000 cases posted by doctors on Curofy, social listening reports from Curofy Pulse can help you target your customers better and improve your customer targeting. Click below to get started now.